Quality is not an option or an opinion, and GBM is aware of this.

For GBM, quality is not merely a cost, but a concrete company’s attitude; this is the reason why GBM gives the utmost importance to the quality of the products; quality means Client’s satisfaction and no needs of costly repairs after sales; quality is a good return in term of image.

“Made in Italy”, but “oriented to worldwide export”.

Our company constantly takes care of its engineers and workers’ training and updating process.

GBM always stays up to date with latest engineering software and fabrication technologies.

Human resources and their excellence are GBM true winning factor.



    Certifications Request

    Informativa ai sensi del Regolamento UE n .2016/679

    Ai sensi della normativa sulla Privacy di cui all’art. 13 paragrafo 1 ed all’art. 14 paragrafo 1 del Regolamento UE n. 2016/679 (cosiddetta “GDPR”) dichiaro di aver letto e compreso le finalità di trattamento dei dati da parte di GBM S.r.l.

    The quality assurance manual has been issued according to ISO 9001:2015 and 2014/68/EU (PED) Directive requirements. GBM procedures fully comply with main International Codes and relevant certifications as:

    • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Div.1 with U-stamp & VIII Div.2 with U2-stamp
    • ASME R Stamp for Repairing
    • National Board – USA
    • Modules H and H1 of 2014/68/EU (PED) Directive
    • Qualification TUV Germany – AD 2000 HPO – TRD 201 / DIN EN 729 – 2
    • DIN EN ISO 3834-2
    • SQLO SELO – China Stamp A1 and A2
    • TRCU – 032 / TRCU – 010 for Russia – (ex GOST-R) – GOSGORTECHNADZOR
    • DNV GL Maritime

    For any further information we invite you to send a request via mail.


    Testing & NDT

    GBM carries out internally, in its own safe bunker following ND tests:

    • X-ray more than 30.000 films (*) – Num. 3 Operators ASME/CPND II Level (and N°1 III Level external).
    • Magnetic particle 4 Operators ASME/CPND II Level.
    • Dye Penetrant 4 Operators ASME/CPND II Level.
    • PMI analyser more than 1.600 checks (*).
    • Hydraulic Test – Max Test Pressure conducted = 1.185 bar(g).

    (*) per years – 2020


    As well as following controls: Ferrite check – Hardness – Roughness measurement – Pneumatic test – Helium test (leak test) – Visual & dimensional test (also with our own 3D Measuring Bench).

    In outsourcing also further following tests are carried out: Mechanical Destructive Test, Corrosion Tests, Chemical analysis, Metallurgical Testing, Weld testing and Metrology calibration.