General Data

  • From 1995 to 2020: More than 2,800 items per year.
  • Thickness: From 3 mm to 200 mm.
  • Pressure: From 0,5 bar to 1.185 bar.


Since the beginning, GBM extremely gives importance to the core production process: the Welding. In 1962 GBM was one of the first Italian companies to use the Automatic Submerged-arc welding process (SAW) in the  production cycle.

In our company a 3rd level welding Inspector (then EWT – European Welding Technologist) is present since 1980.

All our welding processes:

  • GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, ESW as far as.
  • TUBE to TUBESHEET (Manual, Semiautomatic and automatic GTAW welding or Hydraulic and Mechanical CNC tube expansion).

are continuously updated and supported by main international Codes.

  • All our weldings are made according to Welding Procedure sheets (WPS), supported by Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR), qualified by Recognized Bodies.
  • All our Welders and Operators are qualified and certified (WPQ) for all the main welding techniques used in vessel manufacturing and comply with the severe test criteria set by the international standards and verified by the main test authorities.


GBM can supply items with following finishing:

Sandblasting – Painting – Pickling and Passivation – Polishing – Coatings as Thermal Spray aluminium or other special surface treatments.

Internal surface: Rich zinc / Epoxy coated – EPDM / Ebonite / PTFE / Glass lining – Mirror / electro-polished.


Our internal machining department is equipped with following machines:

CNC Lathes – CNC Work centres (horizontal – Bridge) – CNC Milling machines – Drills.

Our company is able to work internally diameters up to 1600 mm. and pieces with weight up to 5 tons.