Engineering and design activities are carried out in GBM offices, which are located very close to the production department; this proximity represents a strong point throughout all production phases.

From a need an idea, from an idea its fulfilment.

GBM starting points

  • Customers’ requests and Specifications
  • Process Data and sketches
  • Our Process (Separation & Filtrations / Heat Transfer) and mechanical Design
  • Fabrication Codes and standards, such as “ASME VIII Div. 1 or Div.2 – AD-MERKBLÄTTER – EN 13445, PD 5500, TEMA, API 660, GOST – EN 14554, etc.

The very close cooperation among “Process”, “Mechanical Planning” and “Construction” means:

  • Easy communication between process and production.
  • Speed and flexibility throughout all production phases.
  • Economic advantages, as the exchange of detailed information, always lead to the best balance between process requirements and manufacturing optimization.
  • Easy and smooth handling of possible changes during the “work in progress”.

Thanks to GBM’s reputation and references our company can be considered one of the most qualified suppliers of major International Engineering Companies.

Software is available in-house to carry out:

  • Engineering: FEM, 3D, Fatigue analysis, Thermal Stresses, Wind, Earthquake, WRC 107/207.
  • Filtration Process: Cartridges, vane, demister, cyclone, multicyclone etc.
  • Heat transfer process: HTRI.

Consulting – costing

  • GBM makes available to its Clients its own experience and knowledge since 1962.
  • GBM is able to issue quick and accurate offers according to main international codes / certifications.
  • Our company has got access to qualified and consolidated suppliers, who can guarantee constant support.


  • Latest versions of Software of Calculations and Process design is used.
  • GBM carries out more than 300 new projects per year.
  • We provide clear and complete documentation and technical books according to main international Standards and customer’s specifications.

Separation and filtration

  • Separation Process (cyclonic, vane or traditional gravity separation) is designed internally.
  • Filtration systems (cartridges, Baskets, Bags, Self-cleaning Filters) are designed internally.
  • GBM technicians have been specifically built and trained.

Heat transfer

  • Process and mechanical sizing of heat transfer equipment are carried out through HTRI and some other accredited software.
  • TEMA S&T exchangers, but also unconventional bare or finned double pipe and multi-tubes exchangers (air-pin exchangers) belong to our production range.

Quality, complete process & mechanical design, guarantee and competitiveness are our strong points.