• FEM Analysis on Quick Opening Closure

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GBM Design and Manufacture Quick Opening Closures with the following characteristics:

  • They could be Clamped, Bayonet or Screwed types
  • with Soft or Metallic Gaskets
  • They are available in standard ANSI rating up to 1.500 lbs or Taylor made according to Client’s requirements and high pressure
  • They may be custom designed under ASME VIII Div.1 appendix 24 Code or by FEM analysis
  • They could be under U-stamp or PED certification/Inspection
  • They are generally in Carbon steel, for special applications can be supplied in Alloy materials (Integral or Cladded)
  • They could have manual hand wheel, pneumatic or hydraulic opening system device conforming to the safety requirements by ASME or PED standards.

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