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Pipeline pigs are devices that are inserted into and travel throughout the length of a pipeline driven by a product flow. They were originally developed to remove deposits which could obstruct or retard flow through a pipeline, but today they are used during all phases in the life of a pipeline. Pig Traps launchers are used to slot pigs into the pipeline, Pig Traps receivers are used to catch and take off the Pigs after their use.
GBM designs and manufactures complete system for launching and receiving traps of pigs or spheres for maintenance of gas and oil transmission pipelines.

In particular our supply includes:

  • Launching and receiving traps complete with Quick opening closure (Q.O.C.) and safety device.
  • The closure could be supplied, upon request, with an automatic opening device with an alarm and control system.
  • Traps could be skid mounted and supplied complete of pig signaler and pigs handling system.

We could supply also:

  • Pig detector Omni directional intrusive types, with manual or self reset table, local visual and/or with remote signal, retrievable through isolating valve or non intrusive type (acoustic)
  • Manual or semi-automatic (hydro actuated) pig and sphere handling system both for launching and for receiving stations as well as for dual systems

Closures (Q.O.C.) could be Clamped, Bayonet and Screwed types with Soft or Metallic Gaskets. They are available in standard ANSI rating up to 1.500 lbs and may be custom designed under ASME VIII Div.1 appendix 24 Code or by FEM analysis. They are generally in carbon steel, for special applications can be supplied in alloy materials (Integral or Cladded).

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