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GBM makes Filters capably to work in aggressive environments, extreme temperatures and high contaminant concentrations.

• For high solids loading, a backwash system may be the optimum filtration solution. Blowback/backwash Systems contain either porous metal, Special metallic web, Sintered metal Powder or ceramic filters-
• Disposable filter media would be used for fairly low solids-loading applications.
• In some cases, removal of solids may require a combination of the previous two methods.
• Coalescer provides maximum liquid and solid removal at low saturated pressure drop to reduce maintenance and operating costs associated with contaminated gas in the Industrial rotating machine or in the regulation and reduction valves.
• The cartridges filtration could be associated with others separation as Van, Minicyclones and Demister, we cover the engineering and the manufacturing of multi stage filters both vertical or double barrel horizontal Filter & Separator.

There are numerous applications, including:
• Hydrogen or Carbons mixtures gas Compressor Protection;
• Gas Turbine protection;
• Lube and Seal Oil Recovery/Flushing;
• Refinery fuel gas filtering;
• Gas Treating Processes / Amine and Sulphur Recovery / Amine sweetening / Aromatic Extraction unit;
• For removing catalyst fines in Hydrogen. chemical prod., FCC flue gas or in the catalytic reformers;
• Final Product filtration (Chemical – Polymers);
• Tail gas treating unit.

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