• High quality Felt or Textures, easy and quick to mount
  • Special: antistatic, with micro-porous membrane, Heat Set Surface Glazing
  • Supply of the relevant spare parts

Inside surface of the filter house:

  • Polished
  • Electro-polished
  • Internal lined with PTFE or PFA

PRODUCTS > Filtration – Separation> Bags Filter

The Bags Filters are very functional to remove fines and particulates from the gases.

GBM, in particular, makes Bags filters for the Polymers and Chemical Industry for removing Polyetylene, Polypropylene, or other HC Polymers powders, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE resins from HC or Swing or Inert Gases.

• Capability to work in aggressive environments, high or very low temperatures, high solid concentrations, could be made for low, medium or high pressure according to latest generation of Process technology.
• They are provided of a Blowback system device to remove the powder cake from the surface of the bags to maintain the pressure drop very low. The Blowback device, that do not stops the filtration, is piloted by an automatic device, is capable to work in explosive atmosphere and is ATEX certified.

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