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PRODUCTS > Filtration – Separation> Filters Internals / Activated carbon

With a large line of internals we could face a wide range of problems related to the mechanical separation of fluid phase and the removal of unwanted impurities. The correct choice of the most appropriate equipment will result in the satisfaction of the process needs and the saving of maintenance costs both for the filtration device and the whole associated plant. Baskets and Strainers, Minicyclones, Ciclotubes, Van mist eliminators, Cartridge Filters, Porous metal, Special metallic web, Sintered metal Powder, Ceramic filters, Bags Filters, Cyclones, Activated carbon, made by us or supplied by main and qualified media filtering Manufacturers are the Internals that we avail for our Filters and Separators. Carbon Filter The Activated Carbon filter does not rely on the process of retention, impingement, trap nor coalescence like the standard filters, but on the process of “Adsorption”. The adsorbing material is indicated for hydrocarbons, solvents, heavier molecules, it could be selective for special impurities as mercury.

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