The design office is the intermediary between the commercial office and the production workshops.

  • Customers'requests
  • Client's or Engineering Specifications
  • Fabrication Codes and standards: "ASME VIII Div. 1-2 – EN 14554 – AD-MERKBLÄTTER – "Raccolta VSR""dell’ISPESL including programs for shell and tube heat exchangers according to TEMA and calculation of tube-sheets in accordance with ASME UHX
  • The resulting of the Process design about Separation and Filtrations as far as the Heat Transfer

Must be transformed into clear, complete information to the production department. Long experience of our skill technicians make them in very easy way.

The strict collaboration between "Process", "Mechanical Planning" and "Construction" means of:

  • Better relation works between process and realization
  • Speed and elasticity during the phase of development
  • Economic advantages, since the exchange of the information can be pushed till the details catching up the better compromise between Process requirements and the Manufacturing savings
  • Facility in managing the variations during the "work in the progress"

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