• Turbine / Compressor protection

  • Valve reduction protection

  • Catalyst Protection from contaminants

  • Removing catalyst fines

  • Amine and sulphur Recovery

  • Capturing Olefins & Polyolefin fines

PRODUCTS> Filtration – Separation

With a large line of filtration and separation products designed on your specific needs, we can improve fluid quality and increase profitability by optimizing the performance of processing equipment.
The strict collaboration between "Process", "Mechanical Planning" and “Construction” means of:

• Better relation works between process and realization;
• Speed and elasticity during the phase of development;
• Economic advantages, since the exchange of the information can be pushed till the details catching up the better compromise between Process requirements and the manufacturing savings;
• Facility in managing the variations during the work in the progress
• With a wide range of solutions and products:centrifugal / traps separation, Disposable filter media or backwash system, temporary strainers, one stage or multi stage filtration, Simplex or Duplex;
• Capability to work in aggressive environments, extreme temperatures, and high contaminant concentrations;
• Removal/Separation of Solids from Liquids;
• Removal/Separation of Solids from Gases;
• Separation of Liquids and Solids from Gases;
• Separation of Liquids from Liquids;
• Contaminant Romoval (by Activated Carbon filter).

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