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The Team achievement (or success) is not due by formation and integration only, but also in the valorization of the accumulated experiences in beyond 45 years of activity and the faculty to explore new applications.

We are not only in the position to design and to manufacture, but we have the ability to suggest the choices.


GBM was established in Sirone in 1962 to manufacture simple pressure vessels. In 1970, GBM decided to increase its design office and reorganise to produce more complex vessels to on orders or in small lots. Since then, the process of diversification has continued constantly, investing in latest technologies and the excellence of human resources reaching today's levels of skillfulness (or ability). Pressure Vessels, Heat-Exchangers, Filters Separators, Scrubber, Reactors And Columns are our main productions.

The company also owns its own premises, which it has extended till 4,300 m² floorspace under roof on a plot measuring 8,200 m².

Pressure vessels Pressure vessels Pressure vessels
GBM workers


GBM was established in Sirone in 1962 to manufacture simple pressurised vessels.
Although it was run as a small business,it already BM decided to increase its levels of technology.

GBM S.r.l. via Don Minzoni, 8 - 22040 Sirone (LC) ITALY tel. 0039.31.850066 | P.IVA (VAT Num.) IT-02864310137